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Charlie Battisti and Co. is a Factory Approved Porsche body shop.


Lightweight body repair competence. 

Acceleration, dynamic response, safety: Porsche has always put its faith in lightweight body repair because the bodywork architecture is crucial for the overall vehicle concept. But when it comes to servicing, the highly complex multi-material mix requires extensive expert knowledge.

The innovative multi-material mix.

In bodywork construction, Porsche relies upon an intelligent multi-material mix of various hardened steels, aluminium and carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP). Optimal acceleration and unique driving dynamics thanks to optimised weight distribution are the goals of the lightweight technology, together with maximum safety and driving stability due to the best possible shape retention. The intention is to ensure the highest levels of agility at all times – even if the vehicle weight increases with the addition of e-drives and safety systems in the future. We continue to rely on class – not mass.

Expert employees.

Innovative materials and a highly complex lightweight architecture demand the latest diagnostic and repair processes in the event of damage. Charlie Battisti & Co. regularly undergoes training courses and acquires specific expertise on new joining techniques in theoretical and practical qualification programmes provided by Porsche. Highly qualified trainers impart extensive materials science knowledge, teach all about deformation zones and load paths, and contribute significantly to ensuring that repair quality complies with the highest Porsche standards. Our body technicians are meticulous and passionate in their work, and are always focused on the highest level of performance – from receipt of the vehicle and process documentation to guaranteeing the quality of repairs.

Custom-made, specialised tools.

Charlie Battisti & Co. also has electronic diagnostic systems for professional diagnosis of damage, allowing us to detect even the finest hairline cracks in the bodywork and to ensure that invisible defects don’t impinge on the safety or driving characteristics of a Porsche. The repair of any lightweight construction is of course carried out using in-house processes that are precisely attuned to Porsche models, guaranteeing seamless repairs. After all, we are committed to the safety of the driver – and we strive for an adrenaline-fuelled driving experience. 

Place your trust in the lightweight heavyweight. Place your trust in Charlie Battisti & Co.. It’s the only way to guarantee maximised safety with minimised weight, after all.



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